Students Ambassador

Students Ambassador will assist you during your stay at IIB Darmajaya

Sharing and learning skills

Whenever you have free time, you can participate in sharing knowledge and interact with others.

Visiting Waykambas

One of the most popular tourism spot in Lampung, where you can interact with elephant

Festival Sinema Prancis

French movies projection

Cultural exchange

Where you can explore Lampuneese culture and also you can share yours

Baking class

Our international students were invited to learn about pastry and baking class

Team organizers

These are the behind the scene in almost every event at the International Office

Students Ambassador

Representing IIB Darmajaya

IIB Darmajaya Graduation

Struggling during class period, it is time for pay-day :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequent asked questions, in which you can refer about the life and environment at IIB Darmajaya Lampung.

  • How to apply for scholarship at IIB Darmajaya?

    You just need to select the type of program that IIB Darmajaya provides and read all of the requierements. After that, go to the application section and submit all of your data.

  • Yes, once you are selected and arrived at the campus, you will learn Bahasa Indonesia course so you can catch up with Indonesian people.

  • IIB Darmajaya stands for Informatics and Business Institute Darmajaya. It is located in Bandar Lampung which is one of Indonesia's provinces in Southern tip of Sumatra Island.
    It is also near Jakarta which is the capital city of Indonesia

  • For one person,the grocery shopping spends in a month is around 20 US Dollar.
    Local transportation is less than 2 US Dollar for one destination. It depends also on what mean of transportation you want to order (car or motorcycle).
    About food, there is a variety of price, in general it is less than 3 US dollar

  • there are many tourism spots in Lampung such as natural tourism spots (beaches, mountains, and city square), academic tourism spots (local museum), central city malls, religious tourism spots (mosques, church, monastery), sport tourism spots (sports stadium), culinary tourism spots (traditional restaurants and local, modern restaurants).