DR. H. Andi Desfiandi, SE., MA

Head of Alfian Husin Foundation

Tabik Puun …

Assalamu’alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh.

First of all, I would like to praise to Allah that always brings blessings to all of us. Besides, I also would like to express my compliments to Prophet Muhammad together with his family, friends, and people.

With a sense of great passion, I would like to carry out the message of our parents, H. Alfian Husin, SH dan dr. Hj. Yoenidar Karim to enhance education in Lampung by founding the Alfian Husin Foundation. It is expected that the young generations of Lampung are able to achieve education that is equal with the education in Java.

As time goes by, The Alfian Husin Foundation has 4 (four) educational institutions (e.g., Institute of Informatics and Business Darmajaya, Darma Bangsa School, Annida Islamic Boarding School, Pelangi Playground, Islamic Elementary School of Integrated Pelangi), 1 (one) law institution (e.g., Darmapala Legal Aid) and 1 (one) health institution (e.g., Mother and Child Hospital of Belleza Kedaton).

Moreover, the institutions under The Alfian Husin Foundation regularly participate in social and humanitarian activities through donations given to several orphanages, educational scholarships, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and others. These ongoing activities will be immediately expanded so that all social and humanitarian activities will be packaged in the Alfian Husin Foundation activities known as “sharing and caring“. This program will also hold all stakeholders and private companies that share the same concerns and programs. Therefore, the more involved people do in these activities, the more people will obtain benefits from these programs.

With the tagline “Peduli dan Berbakti untuk Negeri” or Care and Devote for Indonesia supported by all institutions under the Alfian Husin Foundation, the people and other stakeholders will establish their business so that the foundation will be even greater and become The more advanced, modern, and professional foundation

We do hope that all institutions under the Alfian Husin Foundation can provide all possible benefits for the community, nation, religion, and country in accordance with the H. Alfian Husin, SH and Dr. Hj. Yoenidar Karim Alfian messages. Moreover, the foundation’s progress will hopefully be felt by the wider community so that it can realize the dreams and hopes of all of us to become an equitable, prosperous, privileged, civilized, moral, character, dignified, and cultured society.

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh


Care and Devote for Country

The Alfian Husin Foundation is the legal entity established by the H. Alfian Husin, S.H who was supported by his wife, dr. Hj. Yoenidar Karim, with a noble goal of enhancing the city and society of Province of Lampung in the academic, legal, and health fields.

Both of them devote their life span with the aim of enhancing the quality of human resources in challenging the technological and information development, upholding justice for the community, and overcoming various bodily diseases with the result of generating better performance.

The Alfian Husin Foundation is established by affection and dedication for the Province of Lampung with the aim of building human beings to be useful for the future and helping regions with a variety of potentials, especially for Indonesia. Recently, The Alfian Husin Foundation continues to serve and devote themselves for helping society.