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About Visual Communication Design Program

Visual Communication Design (VCD) is one of the undergraduate study programs under the Faculty of Computer Science of Institute of Informatics and Business (IIB) Darmajaya. This program focuses on the scientific arts, design, technology, and other supporting sciences. The purposes of VCD is to generate qualified visual communication design graduates in mastering information technology and local wisdom and becoming an entrepreneur in the field of design and creative industry (or creativepreneur).
VCD graduates are expected to be able to design the art works and to priorities the knowledge maturity and integration process with other sciences so that they can become professional workers and scholarship getters in the field of  creative industry and society. The rise of business in the field of creative and digital is the reason for VCD to have 2 study concentrations, i.e., Technopreneurship and Multimedia Marketing. Technopreneurship focuses on producing a technology-based visual product and creating a business and Multimedia Marketing focuses on planning and marketing research of visual products.
VCD study program is the undergraduate program with bachelor degree. In this study program, art and management is provided and taught to students. With the collaboration of the 2 (two) concentrations, it is expected that VCD graduates of IIB Darmajaya have competence in the field of VCD.


  1. Multimedia Designers

  2. Graphic Designers

  3. Advertising Designers

Graduate competence

Multimedia Design 

  1. Games Industries

  2. Film Production

  3. 2D & 3D Animator

  4. Visual FX Artist

  5. 3D Visualizer

  6. Animation Producer

  7. Interactive Designer

  8. Movie Maker

  9. Motion Graphic Artist

  10. Director of Television Program 

  11. Director of Broadcast Program 

  12. UI & UX Designer

Graphic Design

  1. Graphic Artist
  2. Graphic Designer
  3. Product Designer
  4. Branding Designer
  5. Packaging Designer
  6. Book Designer
  7. Illustrator
  8. Photographer
  9. Story Board Artist
  10. Graphic Design Entrepreneur


  1. Creative Director
  2. Art Director
  3. Visualizer
  4. Copywriter
  5. Graphic Designer for Advertisement
  6. Media Planner
  7. New Media Development
  8. Brand Activation
  9. Event Planner
  10. Exhibition Designer
  11. Visual Merchandiser

Duration, Bachelor Degree, and Credits

  • 4 Years
  • S.Ds (Bachelor of Design)
  • 144 Credits

Curriculum Structure

1st Semester

DKV19211History of Fine Art and Design2
DKV19412Figure Drawing4
MAN19254Introduction to Management 2
DKV194132-Dimensional Design4
IBI19203English 12
IBI19204Character Building2

2nd Semester

DKV19221Introduction to Visual Communication Design2
DKV194223-Dimensional Design4
IBI19213Religion 2
DKV19424Graphic Computer 14
IBI19214English 22

3rd Semester

DKV19432Graphic Computer 24
DKV19433Basic Photography 4
DKV19434Basic Typography4
DKV19235Communication Process2
DKV19437Visual Communication Design 14

4th Semester

DKV19441Applicative Photography 4
DKV19442Applicative Typography 4
IBI19202Bahasa Indonesia 2
DKV19443Visual Audio4
DKV19444Visual Communication Design 24

5th Semester

DKV19451Visual Communication Design 34
DKV19452Graphics Production Method4
DKV19253Design Method2
Required Subject I4
Required Subject I4

6th Semester

DKV19461Exhibition Engineering4
IBI19215Research Method and Scientific Writing2
DKV19262Visual Semiotics 2
IBI19207Business Development2
IBI19205Pancasila (Indonesia Ideology)2
Required Subject II4
Required Subject I4

7th Semester

IBI19216Patent and Copyright2
DKV19271Portfolio Design2
DKV19272Design Management2
*Required Subject2
*Required Subject III4
*Required Subject III4

8th Semester

IBI19612Bachelor Thesis6

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