Institute of Informatics and Business
(IIB) Darmajaya

About IIB Darmajaya

Institute of Informatics and Business (IIB) Darmajaya, also known as IIB Darmajaya, is located in Lampung Province, Indonesia. It was established in 1997 known as Darmajaya College of Informatics Management and Computer. In response to the demand of human resources in management and accounting, Darmajaya College of Economics was also established in 2000. In 2008, both of them were merged into Institute of Informatics and Business (IIB) Darmajaya.  

Today, IIB Darmajaya has two faculties. They are Faculty of Computer and Faculty of Economics and Business, consisting of 2 master’s programs and 7 undergraduate programs. The total student body enrollment in both faculties is around 5000. The average new student enrollment per year ranges from 1.500 to 2.000 for undergraduate programs and from 150 to 250 for master’s programs. The number of our graduates from both undergraduates and master’s programs has been more than 10.000  and 500 respectively. 

To carry out teaching and learning processes, IIB  Darmajaya has a number has a number of support units, Department of Information and Communication Technology, Department of Teaching  Development, Research and Community Service, Business and Technology Incubator, Language Center, Career and Training Center, Office of International Affair, Training Center, Internal Affair, Department of Human Resources, Academic Affair, Library, Quality Assurance, Student Affair, and Asset Management Affair.


To be The Excellent Technology and Research-Based Learning Higher Institution


  1. To implement a creative and adaptive learning toward the advance of technologies and businesses.

  2. To develop an innovative and relevant research and community service with the need of stakeholders.

  3. To create a conducive learning and research environment.

  4. To implement a qualified and accountable higher education management.

  5. To yield graduates who have technopreneurship-based competence in their field.

Work Culture (THE BEST)

TAQWA: To carry out Allah behest and stay away from Allah prohibition

HEART: To be genuine in actualizing personalization, emotion, and soul

EMPATHY: To understand someone’s feeling

BRILLIANT: To implement innovation and to give solution

ENERGETIC: To be never tired

SYNERGY: To create productive work relations

TRUSTWORTHY: To be honest and integrated