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Master of Informatics Engineering Program


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About Master of Informatics Engineering Program

Master of Informatics Engineering Program provides the graduates who are professional in technology to make them qualified for any job vacancies which demand skills and expertise in information technology, and are able to compete in job market globally, particularly in integrating aspects of software engineering, technology, and management.


  1. Software engineering
  2. information system

Graduate competence

  1. Graduate competence in Software Engineering (SE)
    To be able to plan engineering design and quality assurance of the software.
  2. Graduate competence in Information System (IS)
    To be able engineering design and quality management of strategic information system

Duration, Bachelor Degree, and Credits

  • 2 Years 
  • M.TI (Master of Informatics Engineering)
  • 44 Credits

Curriculum Structure

1st Semester

MTI193101Software Engineering3
MTI193102Statistical and Data Analysis3
MTI93103Advanced Networking and Cyber Security3
MTI193104Study Literature Review and Scientific Writing3

2nd Semester

MTI193201Decision Support Systems3
MTI193202Tools and Techniques for Computational Analysis3
MTI193203Artificial Intelligent and Pattern Recognition3
MTI193204Advanced Research Methods: Research Proposal3

3rd Semester

Elective Course 13
Elective Course 23
Elective Course 33

4th Semester


Elective Course

Specialization : Intelligence System

MTI193301Computer Vision and Image Processing3
MTI193302Text Mining3
MTI193303Deep Learning3

Specialization : Data Science

MTI193305Data Mining3
MTI193306Data Visualization3

Specialization : IT Governance

MTI293307IT Auditing and Control3
MTI193308IT Governance3
MTI193309IT Risk Management3

Subject Combination

1Management Information System
2Database Management System
3Logic Programming
4Reference Management

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