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About Master of Management Program

Master of management provides graduates who are qualified in management and have skills in designing, analyzing, constructing, evaluating and making a strategic decision in any organization. Master of Management prepares the young professionals to play their role as managers and leaders.


  1. Marketing, Finance
  2. Human Resource Management

Graduate competence

  1. Graduate competence in Marketing Management
    To be able to plan, design, analyze strategy manage customers, assess, and evaluate markets
  2. Graduate competence in Finance Management
    To be able to plan analyze, assess a financial work performance, and take investment decision making
  3. Graduate competence in Human Resource Management
    To be able to plan analyze, assess, and evaluate human resource work performance

Duration, Degree, and Credits

  • 2 Years 
  • M.M. (Master of Management)
  • 44 Credits

Curriculum Structure

1st Semester

MMA3101319Financial Management3
MMA3102319Marketing Management3
MMA3103319Leadership & Organizational Behavior3
MMA3104319Operations Management3

2nd Semester

MMA3105319Management Control System3
MMA3113319General Business Environment3
MMA3107319System & Information Technology3
MMA3108319Business Research Method3

3rd Semester

Elective Course3
Elective Course3

4th Semester


Elective Course

1. Strategic Management

MMA3109319Corporate Strategy3
MMA3110319Industry & Competitive Analysis3
MMA3111319Strategic Leadership3

2. Human Resources & Organizations

MMA3112319Leadership & Innovation3
MMA3113319Organizational Change & Development3
MMA3114319Strategic Human Resource Management3

3. Marketing Management

MMA3115319Advanced Marketing Strategic3
MMA3116319Consumer Behavior Analysis3
MMA3117319Global Marketing3
MMA3118319Digital Marketing3

4. E-Business

MMA3119319Strategic Information System3
MMA3120319Supply Chain Management3
MMA3121319Analyzing & Design e-Business3
MMA3122319Knowledge Management3

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