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Information System Program


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About Information System Program

The Information system is the study of complementary networks of hardware and software that people and organization use to collect, filter, process, create and distribute data. Information systems encompass a variety of disciplines such as the analysis and design of systems, computer networking, information security, database management, and decision support systems.

Information management deals with the practical and theoretical problems of collecting and analyzing information in a business function area, including business productivity tools, applications programming and implementation, electronic commerce, data mining and decision support.


  1. Analysis and Design Information system

  2. Database management system

  3. Corporate Information system

Graduate competence

  1. To be able to analyze and design informatics system on the basis of information and communication technology using methods, technique, teaching aids and documentations.
  2. To be able to analyze, design and build computer application program.
  3. To be able to analyze, manage and optimize database.
  4. To be able to build a creative and innovative business on the basis of information and communication technology

Duration, Bachelor Degree, and Credits

  • 4 Years 
  • S.Kom (Bachelor of Computer)
  • 144 Credits

Curriculum Structure

1st Semester

SIF19401Algorithm and Programming2
SIF19403Introduction to Information Technology4
SIF19404Information System Concept4
SIF19205Discrete Mathematics2

2nd Semester

IBI19203English 12
SIF19406Advanced Database4
TIF19407Operation System4
SIF19208Human and Computer Interaction2
MAN19254Introduction to Management2

3rd Semester

SIF19409Business Process and Modelling4
SIF19210Integrated System2
SIF19411Object-Oriented Design and Analysis4
SIF19212Graphic Design and Multimedia2
SIF19213Management Information System2
IBI19214English 22

4th Semester

TIF19414Data Communication and Network4
SIF19414Structured Information System Design and Analysis4
SIF19215Web Programming2
SIF19215Decision Support System4
TIF19212Artificial Intelligence 2
IBI19202Bahasa Indonesia2

5th Semester

IBI19217Research Method and Scientific Writing2
SIF19217Information System Project Management2
SIF19418Advanced Web Programming4
IBI19216Patent and Copyright2
SIF19419Data Warehouse4
SIF19420Intelligence Business Strategy4
TIF19418Mobile Programming4

6th Semester

SIF19421Data Mining4
SIF19222E-Business 2
SIF19222Object-Oriented Programming4
IBI19205Pancasila (Indonesian Ideology)2
IBI19207Business Development2
IBI19207Character Building2
SIF19229Data Integration2
SIF19255Geographic Information System2

7th Semester

SIF19226Information System Audit2
SIF19427Information System Security4
TIF19421Software Engineering4
SIF19421System Management and Information Technology 2
IBI19409/IBI19410Apprenticeship/ Apprenticeship and Community Service4
SIF19224Visualization Engineering2
SIF19230Customer Relationship Management2

8th Semester

IBI19612Bachelor Thesis6

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