Chinese Center

Chinese Center was established on April 14th, 2016 under the cooperation between Institute of Informatics and Business  (IIB) Darmajaya and Nantong Vocational University (NTVU) China.

Visitors can collect information about Chinese culture, language and the internship at NTVU in this Chinese Center. Books, dictionaries, flash cards, and DVD are also available for free of charge use.

In every year, NTVU delegates Chinese lecturer to teach mandarin language, culture and information how to study in China for local students in Chinese Center. By this program, it is expected to increase the collaboration between IIB Darmajaya and NTVU to improve the quality of resources of lecturers, staffs and students in international scene.


  1. To be an academic center in conducting the language learning and training skills.
  2. To be an academic center in sharing and discussing the educational exposure in China.
  3. To be an academic center in providing the learning and cultural understanding about China.


Mandarin study club