Joint Degree


Under the Joint degree programme, you have the choice to opt for a summer semester at University of the West of England, Bristol. This degree combines IBI Darmajaya and UWE’s decades of experience in delivering the best education to its students. The programme entitles you to receive two certificates, Magister Management (M.M.) from IBI Darmajaya and Magister Business Management (M.Sc.) from UWE Bristol.

If you opt for this programme, you will spend one semester in IBI Darmajaya and complete 5 courses, and then move to UWE, Bristol to complete the dissertation along with 5 other courses.

At IBI Darmajaya, we believe that accessibility to education should not be confined within the boundaries of a nation. As a part of this programme, you will be bestowed with a global exposure that will help you to shape your long term career goals.

Courses Offered under the Joint Degree Programme: Organizational Behaviour, Financial Management, Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Inferential Statistics, Investment Management and Finance, Service Marketing, Market Evaluation, Customer Relationship Management, Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise, Sustainable Procurement, International Marketing Strategy & Global Market, Management Dissertation, and Research Methods.

For more information on the Joint Degree Programme, the regulations and the admission process, contact International Office, IBI Darmajaya.
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