About Lampung

Lampung Province located at the southern-most tip of sumatera, Lampung Province into the track area between Java and Sumatera. Lampung can be reached about 30 minutes from Jakarta by plane. This province has the potential and extraordinary natural wealth, unique culture diversity and hospitality of its people. Enchantment of the natural beauty blend with the diversity of cultural arts. Various ethnic groups and religions coexist in Lampung. The development of modern civilization runs in harmony with the traditional culture of its people.

Small islands are scattered, bay and head-and with beatiful beaches, offer a variety of marine tourism activities. The ancient Krakatau Islands by the devastating eruptions, saving many mysteries of the beauty in it. Way Kambas National Park and Bukit Barisan Selatan Park and other tourist attractions are scattered in the Regencies and the Cities of Lampung Province as a place of interest you visit whilst in Lampung. More about Lampung, click here.