International Internship Scholarship Program is the Dynamic Program for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs who need job experience to sharpening skills. Join this dynamic program that designed for you to learn how to work environmentally in our Global International Office of one of the Best University in Indonesia @darmajayathebest. ⁣

What will you learn:⁣

🔶 Learn to Work side by Side how to deal with International Business ⁣
🔶 Help local students to gain their confident with International awarness⁣
🔶 Socialize with Local Senior High School Students.⁣
🔶 Learn Bahasa Indonesia and Traditional Dance of Lampung⁣
🔶 Learn to have empathy and feeling by doing Civil Service at Local Orphan House⁣

What will you get:⁣

🔶 Living Allowance⁣
🔶 Free Dormitory⁣
🔶 Spacious Office⁣
🔶 Free Tourism Tour ⁣
🔶 International Certificate⁣

Required Documents to Apply:

⁣Required Documents to Apply:

🔶 Application Form
🔶 Passport Scan All Pages (Include Blank One)
🔶 Motivitional Letter about why you join this program
🔶 Student ID Card⁣
🔶 Student Transcript
🔶 2 Recommendation Letter from Lecturer or Dean
🔶 Permit Letter from Parents or Relative

Send all documents on JPG Scan to

Important Dates*

🔶 Registration from March – August (Every year)
🔶 Interview: August (Every Year, Schedule will be determined later)
🔶 Announcement: August
🔶 Letter of Acceptance Issued: August
🔶 Arrival September
🔶 Internship Programs: September
🔶 Departure: October

Note: we conduct International Internship Scholarship Program every year, and the schedule will not change until we notifying it so. Therefore, if you see this announcement on 2019, it means the registration is for year 2019  and so forth.

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